Learn to Row Program

What is the LTR Program

Our Learn to Row Program is a structured approach to learning the sport of rowing while allowing participants to undertake the sport in safe controlled conditions under the guidance of experienced rowing instructors. The program is run in small groups to ensure that attention to the participants' development is maintained at all times. Occasionally when there are larger groups, we will increase the number of coaches and support boats to ensure that individual contact is maintained.

When is the LTR Program run

We generally run two LTR programs each year. Please check the Calendar tab on this web site for dates of the LTR Programs. The program dates are set up to ensure that we have enough time and resourcing at the end of the program to allow graduates to transition into the club and migrate into club crews. This period can take up to 3 months and is a time when the club will focus on the needs of the LTR members and graduates. We like to think the primary aim of the LTR program is to produce quality rowers, not just lots of them.

LTR Open Day

Our Learn to Row Program kicks off with an Open Day to allow everyone to give the sport a try. The Open Day is a ‘hands-on’ come and try opportunity and includes an introduction to the members, an introduction to the boatshed, an introduction to the equipment that you will be using, an introduction to rowing using a rowing ergometer, and then a session on the waterway with other club members.

We feel that this should give you a good idea of what to expect from the sport and hopefully entice you to take up the sport.

What age do participants need to be

We are mindful of the risk of lower back injury in younger participants an therefore suggest that participants should be15 years of age in order to take part in the LTR Program. There are however exceptions that we will consider based on physical development or previous sporting activity. In those cases we may accept someone younger into the program but only subject to demonstrated capability.

At the other end of the scale, there is no upper age limit on when you can take part in the Program

What to expect from the Program

The LTR program runs for 5 weeks based on two sessions a week or a minimum of ten sessions if we can't achieve two sessions a week due to weather conditions. All sessions are fully coached, with a support boat present for safety. Typically sessions are held on Saturday mornings and either one morning or one afternoon during the week, depending on the availability of the coach and the crew. Morning sessions generally start at 5.15am and go through to 7.00am and afternoon sessions generally start at 5.15pm and go though to 7.00pm. We'll coordinate the final training days and times at the first session.

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What equipment do you need

The club provides all boats and equipment required for both sweep and scull rowing during the program, therefore no equipment is required by learn to Row participants. We also use boats that are allocated specifically to the LTR program, so availability is always guaranteed.

You will however need the following personal items ->

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LTR Course Fees

Our LTR fees are set to cover the costs for the program. Fees include a rebate on your full club membership if you decide to join the club at completion of the LTR Program.

You can view the FEES for the Program here.

You can also get a copy of the LTR Registration Form here. You can download this and email it in also.

Getting a head start....

We have provided some information here in case you would like to get a head start on the program but it's not necessary that you go through this to be a part of the program. We just thought it might be useful.

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Some useful videos to help you along the way

We have added some useful video links to assist you on the way through the LTR program.

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After the LTR Program

At the completion of the 10 session program, we hope that you will take up the sport and become a member.

We run an Integration Program immediately after the LTR program to assist with your transition to becoming a member. This program is included as part of your membership.

As a member of the club, you will be able to continue your own development of the sport though the programs we offer and through crewing in other boats. We consider this will accelerate the learning process.

As a member, you will also be able to take to the water as often as you like.

Register for a LTR Program

To register for the next LTR Program, please send us an email or get in touch through Facebook.

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