Refresher Program

What is the Refresher Program

The Refresher Program is for rowers who have been away from the sport for some time and are looking to get back into rowing in a safe and controlled environment.

Through the Refresher Program, we hope to re-introduce you to the basics of rowing and also provide you with an opportunity to get to know the water way. The program will also provide an insight into the risks that are inherent in our waters.

Who is the Refresher Program for.

This program has been structured for anyone who has rowed before but has not been in a rowing shell for some time. If you haven't rowed in the last 2 years, we recommend that you do the Refresher Program to get re-acquainted with the sport.

This program will also help you get to know our water way before to get back into a boat on your own.

Program structure.

The Refresher Program will be run by one of our experienced rowers and will initially commence with an introduction to the club over the course of a Saturday morning. The introduction will include elements such as shed familiarisation, boat handling, rowing technique and water way familiarisation.

The Refresher Program will also introduce you to our rowing technique. We row a traditional technique sanctioned by Rowing Queensland and try to maintain a uniform standard across the club to ensure that we are consistent with our state standards.

The introduction will be followed by a period of integration with more experienced crews to ensure that you are able to properly get acquainted with the tidal conditions and water way rules. We ask that you participate in this integration process for a period of approximately 4 weeks before you venture out on your own.

Other requirements.

For your own safety and security, we will also ask that you participate in a full capsize recovery session to practice the skills of getting back into a boat before you row a single on the water way.

The Trinity Inlet is a beautiful stretch of water but it has limited opportunities to go ashore in the event of a capsize. It is therefore mandatory that all club members successfully complete a capsize recovery before rowing singles on the inlet.

Sign up for the Refresher Program.

We welcome you to get in touch with us at any time to sign up for the Refresher Program. The easiest way is to send an email through though this link -> request details for the refresher Program

Otherwise you can contact one of our committee members through our Contacts Page.


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