Rowing Drills and Technique

Below are suggestions on technique improvements for both the Ergometer and On-Water Training sessions for members.

Rowing Ergometer

Tips on error identification and stroke correction using the Rowing Ergometer. Click here.

On-Water Drills (You will need to click the back button on the videos a few times to get back to this page).

Getting accustomed to single rowing. Click here.

The importance of squaring early. Click here.

Drills for sweep rowing - Eights and Fours. Click here.

Drills for scull rowing (quad). Click here. Note this is a US rowing video but relevant to our technique.

Summary card of Rowing Drills. Click here. Print this for your training sessions.

The Sinkovic Brothers training video. Click here. For the first 3m20sec, enjoy the scenery, the music, the incredible leg drive and incredibly quick hands though the back turn. Then some drills, including:

   *3m20sec - Quarter slide straight arms square blade.

   *3m35sec - Half slide straight arm square blade.

   *3m50sec - Straight arm rowing.

   *4m35sec - Quarter slide speed work.

   *4m55sec - Sqare early rowing.

   *5m04sec - Pause at half slide, square blade.

   *5m38sec - Feather to half slide, pause, sqaure, roll on to catch, repeat every second stroke - teh Sinkovic Square as we call it.

   *6m00sec - One on One rowing, sqaure or feathered blade.

   *6m25sec - Quarter slide at rate. Build to this progressively.

   *6m50sec - Examples of precission blade work.

   *7m25sec - Emphasis on leg drive and hard finish.

   *8m25sec - This is double sculling!!!

   *9m20sec - Early squaring.

   *10m30sec - Early squaring.




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