Integration Program

The Integration Program

The Integration Program is for rowers who have completed a Learn to Row Program and have decided to continue with the sport.

The Program is designed to allow new rowers to transition from the LTR program into more experienced crews in a safe and controlled environment and will allow participants to get to know the club members and get to know the water way in safety and while also improving their rowing skill sets.

How the program is delivered

The Integration Program will be run collectively by a number of senior club members who will assist you along the way. The program aims to coordinate LTR graduates with experienced rowers in the same boat so there is a good mix of experience.

For coordination purposes, crews are assembled early in the program and scheduled through a roster system. Through this process, boats are also allocated so that on training days there crews can get straight into the program.

Throughout the program crews will work through drills and skills development in different boats to improve technical skills. The program will also show you how to progress your own personal development in the sport through use of training programs.

Program duration

The Integration Program will run for a period of approximately 8 weeks after the completion of the LTR program and will generally provide contact with club members for at least 2 days per week.

Program requirements

The Integration Program is included in the club membership as a transition process. There is no additional cost for the program but requires that LTR graduates sign up for a club membership. At that time, you will receive all the benefits associated with the club membership.







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