The WOMBATS program

What is the Wombat Program

The WOMBATS are our Weary Old Men Battling Against Time and are the Men’s Shed of the Waterway. The intent of the Wombats is to provide a rowing haven for our more sedate rowers who are looking for a mateship, camaraderie and a more relaxed row. The Program is for rowers who have been away from the sport for some time and are looking to get back into rowing in a more relaxed and safe and controlled environment.

The WOMBATS have been known to also get up some good bursts of speed and happy to pull on the oar handle when they are getting into their training programs.

This program therefore offers the best of both worlds.

Getting in touch with the WOMBATS.

The WOMBATS program is headed up by Richard Shaw, also known as Shawry. You can get in touch on the number below.

   Richard Shaw - 0421 341 603

Who is eligible to join the WOMBATS.

The WOMBATS program is aimed at the more mature members of our club and provides both a sporting and social aspect for participants.

For more information on this program, get in touch with Shawry.